About our Core Team and local area specialists.

Juliette "Jette" Ferguson launched her Area Specialist team in 2003, but aggressively moved forward in 2012 once affiliated with Sotheby's International Realty. Jette believes in knowing her market intimately, as a specialist. Jette trains agents and partners with key area specialists in each local neighborhood to offer the best of the best in area expertise.

Jette established her plan to expand her business while obtaining her Master's Degree from CSU-Monterey Bay. Cynthia Herrera, fluent in both english and spanish, joined Jette and they act as the CORE or HUB of the team. Each partner agent excels in a given community,either one they live in or know and love intimately. The greatest benefit we offer our sellers and buyers is expertise, neighborhood by neighborhood, and street by street. 

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About Jette Ferguson, MBA

About Jette Ferguson, MBA, CRS, Broker

In addition to offering the best of the best as a Sotheby's International Real Estate broker-agent, Jette is CMO - Chief Marketing Officer and supports every partner agent with critical social media marketing, videography, aerial video's when appropriate, top photography, but even above all of those items, she has a solid network, both in Silicon Valley, Central Valley, Los Angeles County, and Monterey County - all areas she has lived and worked within. Jette visits Sotheby's Realty offices in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Santa Barbara to name a few to discuss key listings for every partner agent specialist - so your listings are in the best hands with a team jette partner.

Call Jette today so we can support you in your home buying and/or property selling experience. We are experts in single family homes, condominiums, town homes, duplexes, tri-plexes and more. A majority of our sellers are trustees, probate attorney referrals, 1031 Investors in the process of a tax exchange, and move-up buyers who are selling prior to buying a larger home. We also work with sellers leaving the area, either for a job transfer or retirement. We know great realtors in just about every city in the United States, and quite a few great agents in other countries! Many of our buyers range from first time buyers, to second and third vacation home buyers. We have the perfect support for every buyer from $400,000 to $44 million - If it is in Monterey County, we have the perfect team for you!


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